Mandalaki studio was founded in Milan in 2012 by three young designers Enrico De Lotto, George Kolliopoulos (Koli) and Giovanni Senin. The collaborative practice – from the Greek name μανταλακι= laundry clip, synonymous of balance and simplicity, reliability and sustenance – gathers in itself the pure and resolute design intent that the team shows up in every project. The projects of Mandalaki present shapes which optimize the space, easy to install, designed to be simple and out of time. Material and framing-up technique support a strong philosophy immediately recognizable in every single product.

Mandalaki creates objects, installations and events combining functional, technical and aesthetical research. Every project is the result of a constant dialogue between our different voices and skills and it is aimed at reaching both essentiality and balance.


The Mandalaki table facilitates access to electrical connections, is easy to assemble, and fits the new needs in order to simplify the daily routines. It is made of two iron pipe legs and is provided with six main plugs and 2 USB ports, which allow charging iPhone, iPod, iPad and other mobile devices. The double-faced light blue/white top is a ached to the legs without screws. For this reason, the table can be easily assembled or disassembled.

The Halo lamp – part of Rossana Orlandi exhibition during Milano Design Week –  is the result of an optical research process carried out by Mandalaki studio, which aims to combine art with technology. The light is no longer digitally created by an RGB LED that mixes the colours to composed of 3 main elements: the iron base that guarantees stability and keeps the compact dimensions, the system, and the optical unit in anodized. Light and colour become the core of the project. The tangible part becomes a consequence. The product is designed to collect in the smallest possible size and with the least amount of material all the necessary technical elements.

Myeki Ring is not a smartphone charger nor is it a lamp. It is a new category of products designed to enrich and improve the user experience in a world of increasingly present electronic devices. A charging and lighting station but also a piece of furniture characterized by pure shapes, colours, and materials. The simplicity of the lines references a touch of high technology that goes in line with Apple products. The source of energy, when placed in a domestic environment, becomes a piece of furniture. Myeki Ring is powered by a thin rubber cable that plugs into a USB socket which solves any issue with international compatibility and can be used nearly anywhere. With its bright lines, it is designed to fit into public and working spaces. Its presence is marked with so-ness and elegance in order to assist the user in finding the power source. A new way to integrate the power sources for domestic devices.

A micro home designed by Mandalaki studio to the very last detail in collaboration with Creative Director Viviane Yazdani. Monocabin is conceived around exploring the intimate space of an individual in order to create the perfect summer getaway. Mandalaki Design Studio is taking things a step further by playing host to their first architectural prototype exemplifying their vision of design. A small but comfortable house with unusual dimensions located on the island of Rhodes, the largest island of the Dodecanese islands in Greece. Weary of mass consumption, they are demanding a return to basics: a different way of having a good time and relaxing. The concept created by Mandalaki team is a revisitation of the foundation of a simple holiday getaway into a larger project. Monocabin is the combination of an architectural house proposal while showcasing at the same time Mandalaki’s own design collection, and an inspirational space, defined as a small gallery dedicated to limited edition contemporary pieces made by artist friends. Unification here is defined as a « laboratory-space » dedicated to all forms of art and life. A place where design is used as a service to guests, to make their experience meaningful and unforgettable.