The peerless mastery of the craftsmen of Bottega Ghianda allows exceptional designers to give their ideas a solid form. So Jean Nouvel designed Enigme à tics, a luxurious games box that will only reveal the rules of the game one step at a time. Chess, a game of the goose, French draughts, backgammon. An imposing presence, many beguiling details: real compartments and deceptive doors, cavities and game boards, pieces made from polished solid wood, a dice-shaker with softly rounded angles. Everywhere we see the distinctive sign of the inlay work, with the chromatic contrasts of the wood varieties.An enigmatic chest that at first glance does not reveal the rules of its games” stated Jean Nouvel. “A reminder of those games of ours that are impossible to play, the false drawers of our real lives, with inlays on the inside and on the outside. An evocative memory of our lives.Beside of piece signed by Jean Nouvel, under Michele De Lucchi’s art direction, at Salone del Mobile 2018, Bottega Ghianda presented a series of new products designed by Tobia Scarpa, Mario Bellini, Naoto Fukasawa and Michele de Lucchi.Bottega Ghianda is at the forefront of the tradition of fine‑woodworking known as ebanisteria. The workshop was founded in the Nineteenth century and has established itself over the course of generations as an Italian excellence in this most prestigious form of craftsmanship. Bottega Ghianda is now property of Sozzi family, Sozzi Arredamenti, the compamy that founded Promemoria brand.