Boca do Lobo emotional pieces are handmade in Portugal by talented artisans who use their wisdom to combine traditional manufacturing techniques with the latest technological methods. The finest materials are shaped into collectable art pieces which gives rise to timeless cosmopolitan environments. Cabinet-makers, jewellers, soldiers, gilding painters, lacquer painters, master artisans and apprentices, work together in Boca do Lobo workshops to deliver exceptional products where no element or detail is overlooked and the human factor is treasured. A single piece may pass along different skilled hands, and undergo several processes to conceive a unique design expression laying in Portugal’s flair in marquetry, azulejaria, joinery, upholstery, filigree, and metalwork, just to name a few. Boca do Lobo seeks to encourage and represent the most authentic handcrafting techniques around the world by understanding and interpreting the past, through technology and contemporary design.At Maison & Objet Boca do Lobo unveils 10 new design pieces, strategically thought by CEO and Creative Designer Marco Costa to complete four living areas. The outraging concept of “This is Not A Gallery” will break the classic rule of design with a whole au courant language, conceiving an immersive experience through senses and feelings all in one space. New remarkable launches with time-honoured masterpieces and Limited Edition works of art.

Artisans who work thoroughly every day on techniques, that have been preserved for centuries, show their love and dedication for meticulous crafts such as jewellery, metalworking and joinery in two live workshops. The non-settle feeling of Boca do Lobo’s creative minds and the meticulous effort of métiers d’art, gave the vision to understand the past through the shown crafts, interpreting it through cutting-edge technology. Boca do Lobo storytellers pursuit the excellence to conceive beautiful creations of contemporary design. Every piece carries a legacy, years of growing experience and pure dedication with no boundaries to design. A lengthy tradition of bespoke and exceptional craftsmanship to make one-of-a-kind design pieces.Imperfectio Sofa is the expression of imperfect aesthetic, the appeal of that which is authentic art that is truer to life. The irregularities and flaws over the manual hammered brass expose the beauty of imperfection.Projected to be the jewel in the crown of the Portuguese brand, the Diamond Center Table is a reflection of the furniture jeweller’s expertise and quintessence, undoubtedly deserving its title. Inspired by the gothic furniture of the romantic period this opulent object has two carefully sculpted doors that reveal a gold lined interior with shelves and two drawers.The French word is the name given to the typical karst formations produced by surface dissolution of limestone or dolomite rocks. It can also be caused by freezing and thawing in cold climates. This is how Lapiaz luxury coffee table emerged. Imagine a stone frozen and freshly cracked to show the entire world a rich, golden interior. The polished brass details and mirrored sides attribute this luxury design artwork an artic yet comfy and warm beauty.