Lifetools, a new line of household objects based on ‘Design for All’ principles, made its debut on the market and attended Milano Design Week 2019 in association with Scivola, an accessibility-related event held at Opificio 31 (Tortona District). There is an elective affinity between lifetools and Scivola, two forces united by a shared approach to accessibility and the same confidence in the role played by design in the search for solutions that allow living spaces and household products to be used by as many different people as possible.lifetools is designed in Italy to solve the difficulties we all may have to face up to. In fact, everyone is vulnerable to permanent or temporary disabilities and may find themselves in need of objects to help perform even the simplest of tasks. lifetools are for everyone because the fact they are based on Design for All principles doesn’t stop them from being used by anyone and chosen because of their appeal and not only from need.lifetools are industrial design objects. This means they are devised and developed right from the outset in close collaboration with the production structure. Each product in the collection has been created on the back of research into technologically advanced and aesthetically pleasing solutions that the company has in certain cases patented.Pill, Slice Grip, Slice Color, Tilt and Quattroviti are objects rooted in industrial design culture and a production philosophy aware of the user’s needs. This means they are made to last using high-quality raw materials. For example, in the case of the Pill folding seat for shower cubicles and other spaces, lifetools studied the movement of the seat and based on this invented its highly functional and totally invisible roto-translating mechanism. When not in use, Pill looks like a cheerful shower wall decoration that takes the form of a coloured silicone disc.lifetools believes the role of design is to work in different skill areas, or in this case product types that are often overlooked in a project-based culture. “The idea of designing a new chair, a new table or a new lamp comes naturally to design enthusiasts like us. But how many of us find it interesting to design a broom, a walking frame or a television?” comments Architect Nicola Golfari, lifetools art director and designer and one of the co-founders in 2009 of RECESSION DESIGN, an international Do It Yourself Design-oriented collective.