Sumo armchair designed by Thomas Dariel for MAISON DADA is an obvious nod to Japanese modern martial art and full-contact wrestling form that is Sumo. Only practised professionally in Japan, Sumo encompasses the quintessence of tradition, identity and strength.

Presented at MOM MAISON&OBJET in January 2020, with four sturdy legs and a burly figure, Sumo is firmly anchored to the ground. Yet while the armchair is the very image of purpose, fearlessness and unyieldingness, its rare shape, soft lines and leather upholstery brings it elegancy and stature. As Hiroko Matsumoto, Pierre Cardin’s muse and first Japanese fashion model to walk in the Paris collections, Sumo is a shining star.Created in 2016 by designer Thomas Dariel and his business partner Delphine Moreau, MAISON DADA is a design editor born from the wild dream to inject a dose of Dadaism into our everyday life.

Collages, inventions, re-appropriations: MAISON DADA creates furniture, lighting, rugs and accessories that are gently crazy, defying certainty, taste and gravity. The style is poetic, bold, playful, daring and based on the belief that everybody deserves an inspiring and meaningful design.