Free to plan without the tie of the turning machine and to add to the wood another material, through a refined person and poetic game of formal synthesis, Andrea Trimarchi and Simone Farresin, alias Studio Formafantasma, have drawn for the collection Woodyzoody a Taurus in wood wengè and horns in brass.

Formafantasma, an Italian designer duo based in Amsterdam, apply the same rigorous attention to context, process and detail to every project they undertake. The added nuance for the duo is that they do so with an eye to the historical, political and social forces that have shaped their environments.

Woodyzoody was born from an idea of Giulio Iacchetti and it presents itself as a wood animal publisher; it is the result of the challenge that 12 designers have decided to pick participating to this coral project. Here opinions and ideas have been shared to give birth to a first collection of animals: the chick, the platypus, the chicken, the hippopotamus, the sperm whale, the beaver, the toucan, the woodpecker, the fox, the octopus, the ray and the ostrich.

The Woodyzoody animals have been created following a personal and aesthetic research by each designer and they all have one common element: every piece is turned and then worked/perfected by the numerical control machine.

The chosen woods for the collection come from different parts of the world: from Europe to Oceania through North and South America; every animal is associated with the wood of his native continent, so that the eye, the touch and the sense of smell perceive different suggestions and feelings.

Finding functional and beautiful children’s furniture, toys and accessories is a real challenge. So much of what is made for kids is plastic, unattractive or poor quality.When a great product for kids comes on to the market it’s a joy to be able to own it! Woodyzoody has come out with a range of terrific wooden animals including a whale, an ostrich, a hippopotamus by emerging and established design talents… the last in the collection is a bull designed by Simone and Andrea, Studio Formafantasma.These wooden animals stand as delightful objects in your home ready to be played with and loved by kids of all ages!We love WoodyZoody.” – stated Ambra Medda, Rosa, Greta and Edward Barber.