The sensory experiences of Aesop are protagonists of an installation by the architect Frida Escobedo at The Invisible Dog Art Center in Brooklyn, in conjunction with a temporary shop open until the end of July. Aesop, Australian company that always has its main focus on skin, hair and body care, has a keen interest in creative expression, which find place in this partnership with one of the greatest exponents of Latin American Modernism. The centerpiece of the installation is a glass enclosure containing different layers of sand: in materiality, the reference is to move away from any superfluous ornament, typical of modernism. The design is perfectly in line with the Aesop’s distinctive aesthetic of, which escapes by each pointless addition and finds definition in a ‘sophisticated austerity’. Inspired by this principle of rejection of ornament in favour of abstraction, the installation reflects the passage of time in a way of reverse sedimentation: during store operations, the sand gradually slips out the container glass, revealing ever-changing patterns. A process that, actuated in the New York Spring, it also invokes the melting of snow, a change of season with optimism and expectations.