In NODUS’ collection of more than 100 carpets, signed by some of the best Italian and not only designers, there is Apparence. Presented at Milano Design Week 2019 in Brera Design District, it is designed by Xavier Lust. “A wonderful aspect of Xavier’s work is the illusion of lightness and motion. In his designs, he manages to express what seems impossible. It seems as though his works are not created; they are born.” stated Andrea Galimberti, art director of a brand now known internationally as a synonym of textile design excellence.Playful, although more traditionally hand-knotted only with wool (which, however, is the extraordinary undyed and untreated Himalayan wool) the rug brings back to the theme of optical illusion with a kinetic trompe l’oeil design with a dual interpretation: seen from one side it reminds of ancient rusticated floors, while in from the opposite side it looks like a perforated surface with a sort of cartoon flavour, like that of a popular console, also signed by the Belgian furniture designer and sculptor.The ‘kinetic’ carpet designed by Xavier Lust taps into many references as he said: “The trompe-l’œil cube patterns of Renaissance flooring, the markings of the leopard, but also Lust’s ‘Continents’ console. The exuberant energy of the pattern invites us into another world where the imagination can break free.”

Designed and moulded by the artist, the sequence of different-shaped motifs draws the eye into an exhilarating medley of ever-changing perspectives.

In the pictures one of the Lust’s last creations such as the ‘Reflector’ wall sculpture or the ‘Source’ table in Bronze.Xavier Lust

Award-winning designer (Compasso d’Oro 2014) describes his approach as an emotional equation with 4 parameters: Functionality, Beauty, Technology, Culture. Gradually, as the opportunities grew, Xavier Lust applied his language, his writing to all technologies, materials and scales. His work is clearly identifiable through the visible tension he gives to his objects, and the curves inspired by his innovative (de)formation process of metallic surfaces. In 2000 Xavier Lust started to design for MDF Italia, an ongoing relationship which was the start of his collaboration with leading international producers such as Driade, De Padova, Cerruti Baleri, Fiam, Extremis… Since 2007 his work has appeared in over 50 exhibitions and his limited editions are presented by the best actors and galleries specialized in Art-design. All his creations, ‘alive objects’, are a friendly presence that radiates in the space of life.