From 3 to 6 September 2020 in Logroño, La Rioja (Spain) you can visit Concéntrico 06, architectural festival with the aim to reactivate the city. One of Concentrico’s areas of work is to explore the underutilized potential of empty urban spaces and to propose alternative functions. In the sixth edition, three of the installations propose this strategy from very different approaches:

Circo aéreo by KOGAA in a car park in the city’s historic centre,

Concéntrico 06, Logroño. Circo aéreo – KOGAA

Across Boundaries by Taneli Mansikkamäki (AGO) on a boundary between public and private property,

Concéntrico 06, Logroño.
Across Boundaries – Taneli Mansikkamäki (AGO)

Hex – pansiva by Toledo School of Architecture in a library courtyard.

Concéntrico 06, Logroño. Hex · pansiva – Toledo School of Architecture

The sixth edition of Concentrico, a graphic summation of the proposals that we will enjoy at the festival: 14 interventions, 4 exhibitions, meetings and activities.

The programme is completed in each edition with other activities, such as meetings and conversations with the support of Spanish Cultural Action and Creative Europe. Details on the website.

Concéntrico 06, Logroño

Urban interventions

Since 2015, the festival has brought together 59 urban installations in its five editions, in addition to the 14 performances that will be held this year.

01Gregor Schneider – Kreuzweg. Plaza del Mercado, in collaboration with Goethe Institut Madrid.
02. Iza Rutkowska – Equestrian Statue. Espartero monument, in collaboration with the Polish Institute of Culture.
03. StoreyStudio – Courtyard of Reflections. Plaza San Bartolomé.
04. Jordi Gali with Jérémy Paon and Julien Quartier – Arcos. Plaza Santiago, in collaboration with the Institut Français.
05. KOGAA – Circo aéreo. Calle Mayor car park, in collaboration with the Czech Centre.
06. Mecanimo – Banquín. Gran Vía.
07. Taneli Mansikkamäki – Across Boundaries. Courtyard of COAR, in collaboration with the Ibero-American Institute of Finland.
08. Attila Kim + Bogdan Ciocodeica – Fiesta. Plaza Revellín, in collaboration with the Romanian Cultural Institute.
09. Anna & Eugeni Bach – Sticks & Stones. Calado San Gregorio.

Concéntrico 06, Logroño. Across Boundaries – Taneli Mansikkamäki (AGO)

Winners of the calls:

10. Ignacio Hornillos + Javier F. Contreras – Prismarium. Pavilion of the Festival.
11. Silvia Bachetti + Agnese Casadio – Arch Play. Muro de la Mata, in collaboration with the Istituto Italiano di Cultura.
12. Alejandro Ramirez – LAN-4. Viña Lanciano of Bodegas LAN.

Guest schools:
13. Toledo School of Architecture – Hex Pansiva. Library of La Rioja.
14. La Rioja School of Design – Eureka. Gardens of the Esdir.


The exhibitions have extended the focus to new international contexts, in 2020 we explore architecture and its natural cycles with the Reverb Pavilion of the Polish studio Centrala and Fundacja Beç Zmiana in an exhibition that began in the Polish pavilion of La Biennale di Venezia; or the design of the Finnish with Tuomas Kuure in the Esdir.

01. The Pavilion of Reverberations – Centrala. Logroño City Council, a production by Fundacja Beç Zmiana with the support of the Polish Institute of Madrid and the Culture Unit of Logroño City Council.
02. Life is a lethal experiment – Tuomas Kuure. Esdir, in collaboration with the Ibero-American Institute of Finland.
03. Concéntrico 06 Open calls. COAR
04. LAN Packaging Design. Bodegas LAN-Esdir

And the associated exhibition ESDIR – TFE at the Escuela Superior de Diseño de La Rioja.

Concéntrico 06, Logroño