It is estimated that hundreds of meteorites of different sizes enter the earth’s surface each year. Since ancient times they have generated admiration and curiosity in equal parts. Thousands of years later, these meteorites are subject to experimentation by ENORME Studio through the new Fibracolour material from FINSA.

During the Valencia Design Week, the exhibition Astral Bodies at La Marina de Valencia, from September 17 to 20 (15h / 22h) shows this new Finsa project, which had its debut in Milan last April. Mass-coloured MDF boards covered with the lushest colours, textures and finishes that have shaped the Astral Bodies project. It is a product manufactured with non-toxic water-based pigments and with a low concentration of formaldehyde. Therefore, it guarantees a perfect and safe coexistence with the environment and is presented as an ideal alternative for use in enclosed spaces.

The creation of this project comes from the mind of ENORME Studio, an architecture and design studio directed by David Pérez, Carmelo Rodríguez and Rocío Pina, characterized by its radical approach to architecture, the city and the people. From Madrid, they design and build architectural projects based on industrial systems and typological innovation. With Astral Bodies, they have done a work of abstraction of the concept to arrive at an original proposal and full of nuances.All this visual impact will be accompanied by the immersive experience provided by the creative studio Vitamin, a creative studio based in Valencia. Composed of professionals from different fields such as engineering, programming, design, architecture, audiovisual creation, marketing and cultural management, they have developed a unique interactive environment for Astral Bodies that will immerse the user in an astral experience.