Beatdrops, a Brisk idea, area 21st century snacks that alters your everyday eating habits and helps you deal with your vitamin intake better. Drops are made of carrots, beetroots, spinach, apples, strawberries and other similar fruit and vegetable combinations. The recipe of Beatdrops is protected and not publicly available.The shell can be eaten or thrown away.

Five drops per day is a recommended portion to get an optimal amount of vitamins needed.

The project was made by Barbora Adamonyte-Keidune andKlaudija Januzyte during Masters semester at Vilnius Academy of Arts in 2015. It was also semifinalist of “Electrolux Ideas Lab” – one of the 50 best ideas in the world – in 2016.

When it’s right, you just feel it. The same goes for the people you meet, the things you aquire, the ideas that pop up in your mind.

The need to create something revolutionary and the quality of seeing things from different perspectives was what got us together” Barbora and Klaudija says.

Brisk strives to widen the range and pushs the limits of the industrial design field, merging ideas, breaking the rules the world no longer needs and setting new standards for what’s seen as innovative.

They strip the established concepts down, rethink them and finally recreate them. It can be anything as simple as clothing pins, or it can be anything as complex as The Essence Wand and SUNrise/set lamp.

Usually, Barbora and Klaudija develop projects until they’re ready to hit the mass production, yet they can always help you turn your own ideas into reality.