New beer mugs of Spanish company Estrella Damm are designed by the well-known Catalan designer Martí Guixé, pioneering food design since 1997.

The relevant details of the design are: the mugs increase in capacity increasing in diameter and not in height, the handle does not change in size or position, which enhances its photogene as a group and builds a more compact, solid and forceful perception of the Estrella Damm mugs.In line with his philosophy, “Concepts and Ideas for Commercial Purposes” has thought of two tricks. The glass texture is on the inside, facilitating the possible application of occasional graphics by serigraphy on the outer surface. The Estrella Damm logo in high relief has its position on the face opposite to the user of the mug, which defines an open and convivial attitude.

Photo by Inga Knölke, 2019