The beauty of this moment we’re living is to be able to change skin and be someone else, or better even, be all the personalities we keep inside ourselves”, says Paula Loew, today a ceramic jeweller based in Barcelona. With an Italian background, in the past,  she was an accountant; textile trader; art/pottery school manager.Her trajectory started 11 years ago when Paula decided to investigate more into ceramics (an established hobby), firstly in her free time, while still working as a textile trader. But what she didn’t know was that ceramic is capricious… and never shares someone’s soul with anything else… And from then on, it would take more and more space. In 2005 she leaves Switzerland and with her husband – another “ceramic seduced soul”. They move to Barcelona and open an international ceramic hub, called ElTornBarcelona.Being a fashion lover and having a weakness for rings, joining ceramics and jewellery was an obvious step to be taken. As said, “once ceramics are under your skin, you cannot get rid of it, so you’d better surrender…”.

Inspired by “La Pedrera” – an emblematic building designed by the Catalan architect Antoni Gaudí – she sculps rings from small blocks of porcelain. One-of-a-kind, as she says, “basically because I’m not even able to reproduce them”.The process starts with a line; which will be connected to many others, sculpting organic shapes. “It’s almost a meditative process.” And the motivation to produce each piece comes from the believe in the power of an object: “When we wear something we like and make us feel beautiful, it gives us power… it makes us feel that everything is possible – this is what I want to express with my pieces: be bold, be powerful and push the limits…”.

Paula Loew Ceramic Jewelry

Showroom: ElTornBarcelona SL

Calle Zamora 46, bajos – 08005 Barcelona

Email: eltorn@eltornbarcelona.com
Phone: +34 667686272