Chiang Mai Design Week is an annual festival jointly held by creators from different industries, established and upcoming designers, craftspeople, artists and entrepreneurs in Chiang Mai, Thailand to present design innovations or new projects include creative works from various field in creative industry such as product design, arts, film, music, performance, food, etc. which are related to human living, to improve the qualities of people life.“Better City, Better Living” is the theme of the Design Week, organised from 7 to 15 December 2019, in various cultural and arts districts across the city. Its aim is also to encourage entrepreneurs, designers, artists and artisans to thrive with quality and enhance to Thai creative economy. Joining by more than 500 Thai designers and creators (Chiang Mai-based and from the rest of the nation) plus guests from over 10 countries worldwide, the occasion is a great opportunity to showcase innovations which enhance both our way and quality of life. The festival will also celebrate the creative culture, connect potential business partners and allow those who work in the creative industries to exchange knowledge and ideas.The Design Week aims to inspire visitors of the city, children and young people and the public who are keen on design works by offering a vast array of inspiring activities which demonstrate how design can enhance our modern lifestyle. And last but not least, the festival aspires to play a pivotal role in strengthening Chiang Mai’s position as a UNESCO Creative City of Crafts and Folk Art.Each year, the festival takes place throughout the city of Chiang Mai in several districts with different defining elements: from the Three Kings Monument district with its rich arts and cultural heritage and local way of life to the TCDC Chiang Mai area which is a source of modern design knowledge. Everyone is invited to take a walk and see the city from a different perspective while experiencing various creative activities.