In Milan there are tons of cultural attractions, and one of them is dedicated especiallyto children: it is the MUBA, the children’s Museum of Milan, located in thesuggestive Rotonda della Besana, which on the occasion of Expo Milan 2015prepares to welcome, in addition to the city’s children, all those who will cometo visit Milan. With this idea was born Childrenshare, a six-month culturalprogram of educational and fun activities. The projects are the result of a”call for ideas” launched in November 2014 internationally, which hasraised various proposals such as workshops, performances, exhibitions andinstallations that speak the language of children and make them play on thetheme of Expo 2015: conviviality, ingredients from the tables of the world,biodiversity, renewable energy and many other topics. The inaugural event willconsist in the Dancing Flowers by Alexandre Dang: special moving flowers thatmake up a great installation. Each participant will prepare a cardboard flowerwhich, being connected to a small solar panel, is able to move when it receivessunlight for an evocative and colourful spectacle.