As James Dickey wrote, the chimneys have “that immutable, desperate appearance from which miracles spring forth“. The industrial designer Matteo Di Ciommo says: “Walking a day for Varallo Sesia, Arianna shows me a beautiful chimney. I never noticed it. It was incredible, it seemed to be a model of a building above a larger building. Taking care not to stumble, we continued to look up at these small sculptures.

He strongly believes in the wonder of things, how nice is a detail so hidden but so studied. Some models were really well-finished. It was really a pity that they were all alone there. On the roof, difficult to see and far from the look there is so much care for a part of the house that only serves to pass smoke. That’s why he immediately decided to make them in wood, to take care of them and observe them closely. These chimneys could not really stay on the roof. So Matteo Di Ciommo created 12 unique pieces in solid walnut.

Matteo Di Ciommo was born in 1987 and graduated in Industrial design first in Rome at La Sapienza University then in Milan at Politecnico. After working in Rome and New York he collaborated in Milan with Francesco Faccin and in 2013 he started his collaboration with Michele De Lucchi studio where he’s still working as a designer.