TABA design collection for Moroso carries forward the successful collaboration between the Swiss/Argentinian designer Alfredo Häberli and the Italian company, renowned all over the world for its passionate eclecticism.

Häberli has created a family of products that consists of eight pieces: a sofa, two armchairs, a bench and four ottomans.

They all provide a vast range of possible uses both in public and private spaces. It is designed for existential multifunctionality: live, sit, talk, work.

Organic lines and symmetric forms

The overlapping of different organic lines, together with a softness characterized by symmetric forms, forges the TABA philosophy.

The designer affirms that “when you design sofas and seats, interaction with people must take pride of place. This is why I play with the precision of lines and the poetics of the organic language.

Häberli goes on to specify: “The game I was interested in developing with TABA is the entwinement of form and poetry. Of the linear with the elusive“. He continues: “I evoke the irrational, giving the collection the chance to experience a number of opportunities linked to everyday living. With a company like Moroso, cultivating inspiration from an idea which eschews general rules is something that comes easily to me.”Taba, the game of old-time Campesinos

Taba is the name of an old Argentinian rural game, played with a cow’s bone. The game of old-time Campesinos is one of skill, which must be played on the soft and humid ground. Taba is a cattle bone onto which two metal plates are applied and which must be thrown with extreme dexterity so that the winning side remains with the right side up.