Willy-nilly you know that February brings the most sugary celebration of the year. Someone loves it, many others hate it, but Valentine’s day is a holiday that is celebrated the way that each of us prefer of course, and especially it has to be interpreted. We have decided to celebrate the falling in love: not necessarily for a person, but for design, for technology, for nature, for our city. To be lived as a couple or as yourself.

Love is the source of inspiration to look at everyday objects, dressed in love. The chair expands to make room for two people who seat close, as well as the cushions become outdoor accessories to use for a romantic picnic close to one another. And the outside is a place of choice for lovers of Valentine, just because February is the month in which you begin to forger winter, to prepare for spring and we fell back again of our garden: why do not start now to embellish it? Vases, flowers and a beating heart, a piece of wood that, thanks to the skillful hands of creatives, became just a heart, solid and strong. Back inside, love is also for the table adorned with roses, yes, but made of tin, along with ancient pottery but revisited in a contemporary way that tell of love for its territory. After dinner we cuddle up on the couch, lit by a soft romantic light caming from wrap lamps, great design, which speak of the love story between the designer and an object became myth. Visual, bright, olfactory and why not, also technological poems: they objects that surround us which we would like to give and we’d love to receive.