The perfect lighting accessory to provide a chic and fun touch to the evening in the open air. Shaped like a handbag, with folds in polyethene, an unexpected material, in this case, and its cord, Plisy is the portable lamp designed by Alejandra Gandía-Blasco Lloret that translates the look of pleated fabric lamp shades of indoors to a piece specially designed for the outdoors.

Plisy is like a sort of stylish high-tech reinvention of the garden lantern that features a Led light source with wireless charging. It is produced by Diabla, the third GANDIABLASCO brand with an inspiring attitude that offers creative ideas for new lifestyles.Plisy lamp takes its inspiration not only from the classic shades used for decorative lighting effect but also from the world of fashion, which is why it includes a nautical cord-like handle that makes it easy to carry around like a bag or a wristlet. This mix of influences in the creation of Plisy’s design is not merely coincidental but are rather the favoured inspiration in the work of Alejandra Gandía-Blasco Lloret where other varied personal interests also come into play, everything from the artistic expression of technology to fashion to craft. A homage to pleated fabrics and their application in multiple contexts.As well as all this Plisy is portable and can be hung or placed anywhere, it comes with a pedestal support made from a powder-coated metal rod. Because of that, although designed for outdoors it can easily be placed indoors to help create a soft lighting ambience for dining rooms. Plisy requires 7 hours to fully charge through a USB cable, lasts for 10 hours max., and can be dimmed by simply touching the on/off button.