DIABLA is the third GANDIABLASCO brand, a new business adventure backed by this prestigious firm based in Valencia and with close to eight decades of experience in the domestic and international contemporary design market. GANDIABLASCO has received worldwide acclaim for being a pioneering, cutting-edge company taking outdoor furniture design to a new level and coming up with novel textile solutions with its second brand: Gan. DIABLA carries the same genes and shares its sister brand’s philosophy of taking a fresh look at everything in a typically free and easy, casual, bold and cosmopolitan style.

Venturing into new concepts and lifestyles is a major part of DIABLA’s business DNA and company culture. DIABLA products are intended to promote an open, spontaneous attitude to outdoor living, suggesting formulas for enjoying life in the open air all year round and coming up with products for urban and even public spaces.

The brand’s tendency to think out of the box makes its products distinctive but not extravagant. In fact, DIABLA seeks to seduce without reworks by using ideas and details, in the belief that this is where the signs of true style can be found.

DIABLA collections are developed with the support of resources and expertise accumulated by GANDIABLASCO in terms of the design, production and development culture that prevails in the business, along with the confidence that comes from long experience in the sector. The company entrusted the leadership of this new project to architect and designer Sara Romero, founding partner of the Romero Vallejo studio, which already had a working relationship with GANDIABLASCO in previous projects.DIABLA isn’t suitable for conventional tastes… it’s free and easy, original, witty. Its products aren’t afraid of colour, of experimenting with shapes and materials, exploring new lifestyles or turning existing notions upside down. The brand is committed to promoting new initiatives and experimental projects, supporting transgressions as a way of questioning oneself and reformulating new forms of living.

Creativity, curiosity, a fresh outlook and experimentation applied to everything is the best formula for shying away from stereotypes. Creativity is the basis on which DIABLA builds all the projects it embarks on. This concept rules every step taken in the company, a vital factor that goes further than design strategy. In DIABLA creativity is applied to everything, it’s a lifestyle.THE LIPSTICK OUTDOOR FURNITURE SET

For its creation, the designer José A. Gandía-Blasco Canales was inspired by an everyday object and at the same time a fetishistic one: the lipstick. Fun and good humoured in character the Lipstick collection is one of the most laid back and vibrant of DIABLA’s designs. A set of furniture that includes an armchair and coffee table with a Pop feel, perfect for providing an outdoor space with an informal, daring and colourful character as well as being very stylish in its own right. The typical oval form of the ubiquitous cosmetic is specifically evident in the backrest of the armchair, suggesting its source inspiration but at the same time not going overboard.

Apart from the usual GANDIABLASCO and Gan points of sale, DIABLA also sells via its own online store www.diablaoutdoor.com. This is why the products are designed specifically to be suitable for e-commerce.