Rethinking the traditional construction of the bread boxes and taking as a starting point the constructive principle of wooden “lists”, Doghe is born as the sequencing and alternation of the same element creating a graphic game of lights and shadows with different wood essences chestnut and walnut. Doghe is a collection of 2 bread boxes, one small to put on the middle of the table to serve the bread and another one in bigger dimensions with a slid to that help to cut the bread too.Doghe is designed by Eli Gutiérrez for Mad Lab, a Madrid-based design company – founded in January 2012 by Antonio Serrano and Mar López – committed to innovation and good design, both in terms of objects and a lifestyle. Thesignspeaking discovered it during Madrid Design Festival.

For an object to be appealing, it must possess a narrative, that makes us think, that is able to evoke a memory, offer an experience or the simplicity of a wink that can give us a smile without realizing. The functionality, when designing is very important but sometimes that is not enough. For me the design is more a collection of experiences that coexist in an object which together with a critical attitude try to respond to everyday needs in the most honest and consistent way possible” says Eli Gutiérrez.