Comes booming from Officine Fratelli Frigerio the official prototype of Fuoriserie effeffe Berlinetta, arriving just in time for the presentation at Concorso d’eleganza at Villa d’Este, the most prestigious events of vintage cars since 1929. A car made entirely by hand, for which have not been spared the same techniques and cares with which the craftsmen built the famous Gran Turismo cars in the late 50s, for a result where design speaks a very sophisticated aesthetic. From the frame maker, to the mechanical engineer, the ultra qualified artisans have contributed to the creation of the Italian Fuoriserie. The aluminium body is entirely hand-beaten, as well as grills, finishing frames, door and bonnets handles. In the interior luxury is expressed at its extreme thanks to the contribution of the master saddlers of Matteograssi, who worked to an almost obsessive research for perfection in pursuit of elegance, comfort and exclusivity, realizing a product where personalization is a fundamental aspect: you can choose among countless colour combinations, as well as degrees of finish of visible seams. Anything else? Yes, the set of custom leather suitcases and golf bag.