In the last fifty years, Italian design has continuously gave birth to precious ideas, a rich series of iconic pieces, still chosen by architects and customers to add value to indoor and outdoor spaces. Industrial design is however influenced by trends, bringing back to the top certain products and  unfairly relegating others to the dustbin. Re-discovering Italian design’s no more produced masterpieces is one of the aims of B-Line, a company based in Padua with a fifteen years’ experience; Boby and Ring, the carts/ containers, and Crossed, the soft ottoman, all created by the famous Milanese designer Joe Colombo, are then back in production. The company also works with internationally renowned designers to launch new creations, such as Woopy and Gemma, the gorgeous armchairs by Karim Rashid; or Park, the stool by the German duo Neuland Paster & Geldmacher, made in steel rod, stackable, essential and suitable for both indoor and outdoor spaces.