When the shape is complementary to the function, without influencing but enhancing it, and the materiality of an object, the result is a product of basic design, where nothing hides nothing and where geometry of the lines is perfectly consistent with the aesthetic lightness you want to communicate. This is the case of the objects by Matteo Dallagiacoma, a young designer from Trento who in 2010 founded Bsidesign, a creative workshop in which converge architectural, interiors and products design, the result of work with several companies in the area: a relationship that has allowed him to experiment and investigate different materials and techniques. In 2013, he focused on the use of wood, particularly of solid ash wood, the material of choice for the Bside collection, which earned him the selection as a self-producer designer at Open Design Italia exhibition, and is now present in the Designspeaking store in Verona. Bside products in the store are three: a stool, a chair and a table. Three elements in perfect communication between them , able to converse if juxtaposed one to the other or to interact with a different environment if placed in an isolated way.

The stool, light, simple and extremely functional, can be stacked up to five items, and is available in three different colors: brick red, sea green, dark cyan. The chair is sturdy, crafted with top quality material and particularly valuable techniques, rigorously done by hand; the colors available are the same as for the stool. Finally the table, removable, allows to accommodate the legs inside the shelf below, in order to facilitate transport while minimizing clutter. The pieces of wood that form the shelf are quite large a factor that accentuates the elegance of the grain.

For all three products the design, the study of technical solutions and manufacturing are developed with the goal of a small series self-production, managing the whole process from raw materials that safeguard the environment and using sustainable solutions.