Good design, as we know, has not to be just good at the eye. It must respond to a function, but above all it must be able to communicate, to tell us something. It is in fact an analysis of the communication that inspired the young designers of Henry & co. for the design of Face2Face, a quite singular collection, as it consists of a single element but that can be used as a stool or as a little table. The need which the object goes to answer to is precisely that of the always more constant lack of face to face communication. Modern times allow us to be all on the web, making us feel important, social, part of a community. At the same time, however, we isolate ourselves more and more from contact with other people, preferring to talk via laptop or smartphone. The stool/table designed by Henry & co. is thought as an effective element to stimulate verbal communication between people using it. The profile, borderline between design and sculpture, reminiscent of an aseptic face, as if waiting for a gesture of ours, an our word.

The realization of the project took place in close contact with small, but high quality handicraft workshops, giving Face2Face not only the excellence of the hand-made, but also a philosophy of production at Km 2. Torneria Ghelfo in fact has realized the object of linden wood, while Carmignani Lucidatura has applied to the wood a natural wax finish that protects it and maintains its characteristics over time.

A well thought out design which leads to reflection, or rather a nice chat, which also became part of the selection on sale at the Designspeaking Store in Verona.