Beyond re-use, sometimes the possibilities of materials go in really unexpected contexts. As in the case of  the Spanish designer Raul Laurì’s  and Art Designer Umberto Dattola’s exclusive patent. They created an exciting new material obtained entirely from coffee and natural components, recycling coffee grounds collected from bars or restaurants or from private consumption. This way they obtained a strong, pleasant to the touch and slightly coffee perfumed material, and created with it the Gusto Caffè furniture collection, on display during the Design Week at Designspeaking Temporary Store & Café. Mixing the innovative material with oak wood, come to life containers furniture with small drawers designed specifically to hold everything you need coffee consumption, all entirely handmade by Umberto Dattola. A design which emphasizes not only the social component of coffee, but also its history: wooden slats that support containers intertwine, evoking the zones of production of the raw material.