Many are the design products offered by the new Designspeaking Temporary Store, many companies which exhibit their products with us, including Lucente, who always takes care of lighting design by managing all phases of the production cycle, from design, to manufacturing, to assembly and finally to commercialization. Core values of the company, as well suited to those working in this sector, are technological adaptation and innovation which Lucente interprets as a qualitative boost to not only what is “inside” its products, but also materiality, and the ideas that is capable of expressing.

With the collection designed by Sandro Santantonio in fact the company experimented for the first time fiberglass, lightweight and durable eco-friendly material, with whom he set up a series of lamps, focusing on the great quality of Hand Made, which is also the name of the collection.

About the collaboration with Lucente , here are the words of the designer Sandro Santantonio:

“Lucente has always been a brand of high quality output and in fact has always worked with several national and international designers. Specifically, our relationship was born from Roberta Rostirolla’s desire to bring the company to be something more than just a brand of design to create objects with a strong empathy , which are the expression of a great quality and technique that enclose their internal experience and professionalism. From the early collections such as Lollipop, Eight and Arum to the most recent as Semjase and Handmade, you can see the desire to give an answer to the search for beauty and handmade in Italy increasingly demanded by customers.

This new relationship with Designspeaking, in the Verona store, certainly is positive, because they both have the interest for the most refined design”.

The inspiration for the line is an idea of simplicity and purity of shape, where the physicality of the material creates a nice contrast with the softness of the template for an object that promises to get noticed in a variety of environments without overwhelming at all. Hand Made is available both as suspension lamp and floor lamp, and the latter can also be used as a bright ottoman. Further two variants are given by the shape: one closed, in natural fiberglass, which plays on the transparency of the material, and one open, hand-painted in matt or polished black on the outside and gold leaf inside, or all white outside and silver leaf inside. By Santantonio also Semjase, large lamp where design and harmony are the main guidelines for an elegant piece of furniture. The bow shape, smooth and slender provides a very wide light, thanks to the flexibility of the lighting body.

Lucente is present in Designspeaking Store with two other projects, and one on the way before Christmas. Clivia, minimalist and elegant, already existing in the wall version, is available in the table version, has a structure in transparent and polished Plexiglas, while the base and the top, which houses the LED lighting, are in white painted aluminum. Libera instead, designed by Brian Rasmussen, is more scenic, made with aluminum sheets of different sizes stacked around a luminous cylinder blown glass The reflection of light on the elements provides a dynamic play of light and shadows that suggests a movement in the air. Coming soon Vita, always by Rasmussen, consisting of 19 metal elements that recall the helical shape and thar from the center, where is the light source, radiate outward, with the particularity of appearing like floating on air, ordered and geometric from a point of view, dynamic and random from another.

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