Contemporary purity and refinement: these are the two qualities that best describe the Belgian eyewear collection Michel Henau. It is the result of the meeting, in 1983, of two opticians, Michel Henau and Marc Delagrange, who sharing the same feeling and the same vision of the “object glasses” thught about timeless products, manufactured with high quality materials exclusively selected, such as acetate, which strengthens the form, pure and well structured. After the death of Henau, Delagrange took over the brand and designed his first collection, Objects: glasses entirely handmade using traditional methods in limited editions, which leaded to the company’s commercial success. At White fair of this year we saw the latest collection, and we could not help but falling for it. Construction principles have remained the same as in the initial designs, in order to continue to produce unique items, capable of maintaining a perfect balance between form, function and quality. An object for all those who go beyond the logo and appreciate the professional skills and continuous research in the most contemporary forms of design.