What often make Swedish design special is its ability to create from the most essential lines high quality products, where the shape, which seems forgotten, is instead rather emphasized exclusively in the parts that make it new and of great impact, without filters or distractions. This is the case of NUD Collection, a line of light design that stands as a manifesto to eliminate all the superfluous, and going to intervene on the spaces in a discreet but definitely noticeable way. The product is simply an electronic body, an illuminating bulb and an electric cable. From these three essential elements, NUD has created an infinite number of variations to make them special and adaptable to different environments. The electronic body is available in various different materials: the new concrete, rough and natural-looking where weight and lightness are perfectly mixed up; one in copper, sophisticated and bright; one covered in 18-carat gold or platinum, for a special luxury that lies in the details; the classical in porcelain, their best-seller. At this is combined a selection of bulbs to choose among the retro look of the Globe 25W, the more traditional ones with the filaments in plain sight or even those of hand-painted and decorated limited editions, like the Underground Collection where are represented the lines of the London subway. Everything hanging from an electrical cord covered with fabric, available of 3 or 6 meters lenght, but that can be positioned at any height, where the imagination can have fun thanks to the dozens of different colors and materials, going so far as to denim . The simplicity of these elements has also allowed the company to create a base around which the cable can be wrapped in order to use NUD products as table lamps as well. To attach them to the ceiling instead there are different but universal attacks that help to further customize the configuration of the light. All bulbs make use of the most advanced lighting technologies, where the position of the electric filaments contributes to the design of the lamp, or by using the LED to create yet different light games and significant energy savings.