ORTOFABBRICA is a project by Studio Grassi Design, whose aim is to propose an ethic reflection about modern well-being. Allegri showroom, a Milanese architecture from the 40s, has been transformed in a charmed garden welcoming the Earth Houses, i.e. crude-earth housing structures enclosed in a wooden frame, perfectly insulated with natural materials, a concrete example of bio-architecture, a clear answer to today’s request for sustainable solutions. In the exhibition there are also really fascinating installations, like the ORTOVASI, i.e. vertical structures hosting shrubs and aromatic plants. Hemp pathways  (Click Here to discover the hemp project by Henry&Co. ) pass through medicinal plants, cypresses and larches to reach enchanting hideaways for relax and meditation; vintage vessels keep antique tastes and smells, printed canvas and stone-made bijoux are the cherry on top. ORTOFABBRICA is a concept-lab thought to melt together designers’ creativity, craftsmen’s know-how, respect for the Earth and her products, in a suggestive frame obtained with fascinating landscape experiments.