Re-Fire is the project of the Italian designer Francesco Faccin commissioned by Tempo Italiano, the first festival dedicated to Italian creativity and design in Stockholm during the Stockholm Design Week, which takes place these days. The task assigned by Tempo Italiano was to reflect on the past and the present time of the design, and the return to the origin of the real needs and action within systems of sustainable value. Faccin replies to this topic in a provocative way, returning at the very beginning and designing Re-Fire, a kit to light the fire with your own hands that takes its cue from the systems used by primitive men. It works by friction between two pieces of wood of different species, one hard and one soft, which allows in a few seconds to create a glowing ash. This triggers the combustion of a bait (a dry and highly flammable material) and the fire is lit. A process by which each element is crucial, and that thanks to the manual factor is activated. A project that goes to be a symbol of a real return to the origins, the creation of something by man because it did not exist in nature and therefore an expression of his intuitive and manuals abilities, which led him to realize what there is not but that he really needs.