Until March 7 at Foscarini Spazio Brera (Via Fiori Chiari 28) will be present Algae , the work-installation by the artist Stefano Arienti. After the success at the Foscarini Spazio Soho in New York, Arienti continues the leitmotif of the exhibiting poor art, staging the most miserable of materials: colored plastic bags discarded and reused, that thanks to the artist’s hand becomes protagonist of an installation of great effect, becoming impalpable and enveloping scenography. The technique is to make comb cuts on folded plastic bags, completed with a series of other opposite cuts, using scissors or a cutter, exactly as thousands of years ago the Egyptians used to do to transform the animal skins into nets. Plastic bags become so fatuous and vaporous, blanketing the atmosphere almost of a fairy-tale atmosphere. A creative process highly manual and personal that not only gives the material a use, and a prestige, completely different from that for which it was intended, but also, as Alexander Vecchiato, co-founder of Foscarini, observed “he replies in a practical way to our constant research and experimentation on materials and forms”.