Studio Snowpuppe is composed of a cute creative duo: Nellianna Van den Baard, architect, and Kenneth Veenenbos , industrial designer. Their job is to create lamps that spread a cozy and delicate light but with a strong visual impact. In fact they consist of flat paper elements that, through precise folds similar, in concept, to origami, create some intricate sculptural pieces. The shape they take is a perfect mix of natural and industrial inspirations, where colour plays a central role in making the lamp pleasant and suitable for a variety of environments. What emerges is an object definitely different than usual, but still ironic and easy-going that defines a space managing to snatch a smile to the customer. Customer that, for Nellianna and Kenneth, is the central element, since each step of the production is marked for his satisfaction: the self-production, the professionalism and the direct line they entertain with him. In addition, the structure of the lamp is made with sustainable consumes and is environmentally friendly throughout the whole life cycle of the object. At Maison & Objet this year we were impressed with some of their products: Chestnut, for example, has an angular outside but an unexpected sinuous inside, just like when you open a chestnut and it turns out the fruit. It is obtained by folding a single piece of Butterfly paper. Klimoppe is instead a wall fixture, which seems to climb on the wall. It can be used to position Chestnut, and thanks to the stem wood you can adjust the distance between the lamp and the wall. Kroonuppe finally is a chandelier, whose folding is entrusted directly to the customer: thanks to pre-bent lines you can build in two minutes.