From 29 January in Paris is celebrated one of the most significant exponents of Italian design, who with its projects wrote the history: the illustrious Vico Magistretti, and his famous work for Artemide, are the protagonists of the exhibition “Svicolando”, on display at the Italian Institute of Paris, housed in the rooms of the Hotel de Galliffet. Here are positioned wooden panels that evoke the structure of the study of the architect, on which are exposed sketches, portraits, images of inspiration and a variety of other archival materials that document the work of one of the the most important design masterminds of 900 and its professional partnerships with companies that have made the history of Italian design. First of all the one particularly significant with Artemide. Showcasing some of the most popular projects made ​​by Magistretti in collaboration with the Milan company of light design: Chimera, slim and slender, designed in 1969 and still present in the company catalog; Dalù, that company has re-edited in 2005 revisiting the material; Eclisse, one of the artist’s most famous works, designed in 1967 and winner in the same year of the Compasso d’Oro award.