The real success of a living system comes when those who adopt it are
able to give their personal imprint, in order to influence the
environment and “color it” with their own passions and interests. That’s
why bookcases and shelves are a primary element, expression of
continuous reinterpretations to become, in the environment, the main
character, welcoming in the stylistic vision of the company the one of
the user too. Rimadesio wanted to re-imagine tradition with Self Up,
outlining a slightly déco look that uses glass’ aesthetic for the
shelves and elevates the structure on slender legs, including the
possibility of different configurations. Same customization for Wind,
more industrial-looking, using aluminium for compositions represented
of extruded shelves, whose peculiarity is in its rounded seams where the
geometric rigor meets original insights. Neuma, by Lia Bosch for
Riva 1920, draws its inspiration from Plato’s philosophy, synthesizing
the origin of the world in a project built on the relationships between
elements, all based on the number 3, for an organic and harmonious
result. Horm instead focuses on technology, proposing L’Ov:
L-shaped elements both vertical and horizontal mixing in different ways,
supplemented by LEDs that turn the bookcase into a lamp. An ironic and
vaguely didactic look for Bonaldo’s for April, May and June
objects: maxi vases and bottles in lightweight tubular steel varnished
in various colors that joke with the environment, disposable to the most
diverse uses.