Guaxs is a family-based German company, focused on creating interior
design objects and lightings in which it is possible to seek a deep
reasearch of the more ancient cultures to modern ones, finding the spots
where they meet. The manual work, key component in any production,
gives to the objects of all of their collections a natural effect that
pushes the tactile experience, thanks to the materials chosen: glass,
metal, wood and natural stone. All of them contribute to the creation of
vases, containers and lamps whose shape is located halfway between
natural or cultural inspirations, the production process and of course
the spontaneity of the idea. This means that the characteristics of the
material do not conflict with the manual process, and especially that
resulting surfaces are something more than a simple decor. So the glass
takes on the vertical and horizontal grooves, trademark of the company,
natural stone and wood are processed by hand to leave out the natural
grain and metal objects are hammered by hand before being moulded