Is now maybe obsolete thinking design just as a product, it is definitely contemporary to think of it instead as a complete lifestyle, embracing different scopes in a large ideological context. And between the values that the Salone del Mobile 2014 showed there is undoubtedly the rediscovery of the Earth and of the simple life, a general idea of return to the human component, both in design and in other fields. This the line followed by Lucy Salamanca’s design with Pure: a path of interactions between nature, subjects, areas, food and design. In the event the visitor went through streets in which aesthetics became matter and emotional feeling, an emotional library that has brought the beauty and taste in a dynamic way and in an accessible scale, in terms of the enjoyment of the aesthetic and inner senses. So then the structure becomes multidimensional, mixing languages and constructions of flavors, craftsmen and farmers: the wood is associated with the taste of tomato from Emilia Romagna, olive oil to the “pietra leccese”; the consistency of the dough approaches that of porphyry from Trentino, honey from Marche to gres and wheat flours from materialize in raw fabric hangings.