After the huge success for 11 seasons in the United States, and exported to 20 countries in the world, arrives in Italy the Project Runway format, the talent show aimed to discover the new star of the fashion system. In addition to the final fashion shows of every episode, the TV program follows the contestants during their lives in the facilities where they have to live in, of course in Milan, and their creative process in the work room, where clothes and presentations are made. To decorate the loft where contestants spend their time were chosen some proposals of the Italian company Valsecchi 1918, leading manufacturer of design furniture. The selected product are those of A più voci collection, by the art director Nicola De Ponti. They are the Monks line, cupboards clean and linear with bright colors and witty profiles, and a particular attention to solid wood, the material of choice for the company. Present in the designer’s rooms also Tagus, a coat-hanger inspired by the shapes of the bustiers of 50 ‘s pin up, and even here the wood left au naturel is combined with lacquered color elements. They are both designed by Paul Cappello, and the participation of the two products is an excellent poster for Valsecchi 1918 about his design of the highest quality and craftsmanship in every phase of production.