Vision of You  is above all a new concept for body and soul and also a group of companies bearer of innovation, with the focus on the future that made them stars of the Green Village of Superstudio 13 during Fuorisalone 2014.

On the models of sustainability and renewability that represented design during the last 10 years, VIU has created a modus vivendi aware and responsible, full of claim “the future is already all around us.”

After the lucky last edition, the collective of architects, designers and communication experts opened the Conscious Conversations: a series of seminars at the Biblioteca Umanistica dell’Incoronata in Milan coordinated by Fortunato D’Amico and Fiammetta Parola. Among the impressive columns of the fifteenth century the installation tells a new way of living home, objects and spaces inspired by the principle of Vastu, the ancient Vedic tradition of living. The concept of the conference revolved around a reflection on the well-being, not based just on profit but linked to the ability to choose what to be, and how to live. So guests and operators had the opportunity to see an alternative possible growth, smart and also sustainable, based on the possibility to bring together man and nature at the center of its intent and starting from now to design the life of tomorrow, through a model of conscious living and the creation of a shared space.