“Producto Fresco. Design made in Madrid” until March 24th 2019 at Central de Diseño / Matadero Madrid shows food design projects too.

The exhibition, whose display design has been generated by the faculty and students of the Master´s in Architectural Communication (MACA), of the Polytechnic University of Madrid and Complutense University, is a DIMAD project that aims to showcase annually the best of product design made in the last year by designers in Madrid.

Opened in the month of February, which in Madrid is synonymous with creation, coinciding with the Madrid Design Festival and Feria ARCO, brings together more than 60 pieces within the categories of Designers, Companies, In Process, Students.

Companies category show us new design proposals that include gastronomic containers like Titobowl designed by Carlos Jiménez Pérez. Titobowl is part of NATURA IMITATIS collection by Photoalquimia and has been created by skilled craftsmen who use natural materials. All pieces are recyclable and respectful with our environment. Baco for wine bottles:Plates inspired by nature designed by Nuria Blanco: and by Chele Esteve Sendra: