Picular is a rocket-fast primary colour generator using Google’s image search created by Future Memories, a digital studio where strategic design and technology unite into products of tomorrow. Digital Designer Pontus Börjesson pitched Picular to the team during a company retreat in Lisbon back in June. The idea he had been carrying around for some time got very good reception and they immediately started putting it into code.

Picular is the first app colour generator using Google‘s image search. It helps designers to easily extract the most relevant colours for a specific context or domain. It helps to understand perception, psychology and aesthetics of a colour or tone you’re interested in. More than 15.000 other creatives around the globe use Picular on a daily basis for choosing the right colours. Colours which explicitly evoke the right conscious and subconscious associations for the target audience.

The app simply performs a Google image search for a given search term and extract the dominant colour of each image. To keep the tool rocket fast, we only consider the first 20 Google images. This is sufficient enough to get a good understanding of whether the search term is highly related to a colour or not.

If you ever needed the perfect yellow hex code from a banana, this is the tool for you. Correct colour tones. Grab the HEX colour code. See the reference image.

We tried it and the result is amazing, thesignspeaking colours are cutting-edge: picular.co/thesignspeaking

Try it! picular.co/