Studio C Milano of the German designer Christoph Schnug from several years works in the food industries. As passionated cook and of course consumer who like to eat well and try new food, he started with packaging design for a lot of food companies. Still believing that a well studied Corporate-Identity with its Corporate-Design will have a very strong impact on the success of a young food brand, the office is influenced by the mix of our northern Europe origin and Italy, where he lives for more than 25 years. Food is one of the most growing and innovative segment in the design field. The trends coming up are very interesting and specially the street food sector is an interesting working area. The last project “El Caminante” is in the food truck business one of the first introducing a truck concept that is highly based on the language of a premium segment. “Gourmet experience” instead of “just eating”. For “El Caminante” and the food truck for “God Save the Food” – that follows the Milan restaurants in piazza del Carmine e via Tortona 34 – Studio C Milano worked intensly with the clients to define the food concept and designed all items, from the truck and the packaging, the food visualization until the complete communication.

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