In Italy summer holidays are sacred. So, cities become desertified, companies close, the country forgets all its problems for few days… From “The craving for the holiday” of Goldoni, written in 1761, to the photos of Massimo Vitali of the white beaches of Rosignano Solvay, which are actually a chemical dump, the theme of Italian holidays ran throughout the literary and visual culture of Bel Paese.
In this bubble that lasts a month and for which money is accumulated throughout the year, priorities change, the world becomes an easy, beautiful, fun place and the well-being, without responsibility and without work, becomes reality. Here are the contradictions of a conservative and moralistic country, but only on Sundays.And a summer by the sea, far from the problems of everyday life, is Marco Rambaldi’s proposal for the Spring/Summer 2019 collection.

Marco Rambaldi starts from old postcards of the ‘60s and’ 70s sent from who knows where to who knows who to reconstruct an imaginary fake lightness in which the carefree summer makes you forget the political passion, commitment, reality precisely.An imaginary made up of old jagged wallpapers, bodies sunk in the sun like ants and little flowers as naive as they are fakes that clash with the graphics of the posters of political parties. The reconstruction of an imaginary that is as light as it is obsessive.The goal is to dig under the chapped skin of tan from Rimini to regain lost political consciousness, personal and social commitment by re-reading a lesson that is historically not far from us and that is being repeated every day before our eyes.The Collection

In the collection there are contradictory stories: delicate crochet hooks, propaganda prints, old wallpapers printed on crepe and twill, hearts inlaid in knitwear, seascapes reproduced in jacquard on sweaters and in denim print.

The sense of bourgeois agility mingles with an idea of contemporary streetwear: floral crêpe dresses and overcoat waxed check cotton, transparent silk with very thin stripes and k-way in nylon, coloured popeline and men’s drape jacket weights.A different but coherent universe that tells a story of criticism today but also describes a scenario of acceptance, understanding, overcoming limits. More and more necessary.