Design inspiration can come from a shape, a colour, but the result is really effective when the inspiration comes from an idea. The Collage Collection, created by the Spanish firm Dsigno in collaboration with the manufacturing Back to 1907, has a lot to do with the art of the early 20th century. The beginning of the ‘ 900was indeed a total aesthetic revolution period, well expressed by the Suprematism of Malevich, but also from some aspects of Cubism and Neoplasticism. From these movements, the designers have taken the development of geometric simplicity, the refusal of unnecessary for creating powerful forms. Thus were born the wood blocks that compose the Collage Collection: super essential forms that create the optical illusion of being cut and overlapped on each other, generating a variety of modules that can be configured in the most varied compositions. Using the modules as a starting point Dsignio’s designers were led in the creation of other elements that could accompany them, but they don’t lose sight of the real protagonist of the project. Halfway between art and design: if one is seen as an inspiring force, the other is the practice that canalizes sand uses it to create tables, chairs, sofas and even carpets, for a final result which, in its simplicity, amazing for its effectiveness and immediacy. Enrico Longo speaking   14 Oct 2014   /   © All rights reserved