HOOK designed by OiKo Design Office for Faro Barcelona is the portable eco lamp awarded with Red dot Award 2018 – lighting design. On the occasion of Barcelona Design Week 2018 it is part of the exhibition in Disseny Hub of the biennial Delta Awards and ADI Medals organized by FAD, which highlights the energy and wealth of Barcelona in the field of design.Designed under a strict eco-design protocol, the lamps have optimized all stages of their life cycle to reduce the environmental impact between 30 and 70% compared to an equivalent non-eco-designed product. Housings and diffuser are made from recycled plastic to promote their recyclability. HOOK lamps are completely free of PVC, a harmful material present in most wires and plugs. The designers Jose F López-Aguilar and Salva Codinach got it thanks to a cable with silicone sleeves.Our aim was to create a 21st-century lamp, a product focused on the nomadic user who lives in small apartmentsSalva Codinach from OiKo Design Office stated. “It had to be a versatile lamp, dimensioned on a human scale, that you can take it wherever you want thanks to a long cable, hang it anywhere or place it on a table. It had to be a lamp that did the work of many. And in the 21st-century, it is inevitable to speak about sustainability, circular economy and materials toxicity. The challenge was not to create another lamp in the market, but a truly sustainable product. Thanks to the confidence of the company we have been able to implement our baggage in industrial ecology to create a product made of recycled material. In this case, we achieved it thanks to post-consumer bottle caps (PP / HDPE reinforced with talc), but we are working on new projects with plastic from greenhouses reinforced with vegetable loads. This will allow us a range of colors that we have not achieved here. In addition, there was the challenge to get local manufacturing at a competitive price. Working from the design and hand in hand with the local manufacturers, we have achieved a first quality product, made in Spain and at the same price as if it had been manufactured in China in a standard way. We do not invent materials, we innovate with manufacturers to solve problems, whether with a lamp, a cooking machine based on nature or a packaging. For us, the challenge is to create products that make people happier and a more sustainable life for the planet. From OiKo we want to prove that ethics is competitive, that ecology is a great insight and, above all, that a user-centred design is the best way to deal with a product.”HOOK is assembled in Fundació el Maresme and with the purchase of a lamp you will feed a child for a year thanks to the collaboration of Faro Barcelona with NGO Mary’s Meals.