A short walk to the beach, wrapped in your t-shirt and towel; a beach bar, just slightly run-down; sunset and cool sand… 2019 spring summer collection HOUSE by the BEACH is inspired by a perfect late summer day.

Founded in 2006, HOUSE OF THE VERY ISLAND’S started out as cooperation of four designers rooted in a network of underground artists, musicians and film-makers in Wien. A therefore widely influenced notion of clothing defined the label´s work, all collections including short films presented along with them. Karin Krapfenbauer and Markus Hausleitner’s work is specifically focused on fashion. Heading for avant-garde casual wear “House of the very island’s” combines effortless wearable with conceptual patterns and explicit silhouettes using organic and fair-trade materials.Taking the urban designer’s dream literally HOUSE OF THE VERY ISLAND’S merges classic optical white and black t-shirts – that work as a frame – with Turkish Peshtemal Towels.

Following that laid back summery mood, the collection translates classic menswear items into playful holiday looks. Oversized blazer jackets, cropped pants and loose fit shirts combine sartorial elements with a soft all-sexes casual style.The classic loose fit t-shirt comes with a monotype print: each carries a one-of-a-kind handmade HOUSE writing, making it a true signature shirt. Faded out, sunburned colours are contrasted by intense red and blue to give them a warm, lively vibe. Blue shades range from night sky and vibrant stripes to a fading blue-grey. Red appears as bleached desert rose or deep and radiant. The strong colours are linked by neutral shades like sand, dried salvia and bony off-white.Organic cotton jerseys and soft organic cotton batiste are used for shirting. Handwoven organic cotton denim adds the especially saturated red. Off-white organic cotton twill is painted by hand with white mineral colour creating a subtle, elegant effect. High-quality Italian wool blends underline the influence of classic menswear and rich classic seersuckers add texture.

Black seersucker and red denim reappear in the caps and hats made for HOUSE OF THE VERY ISLAND’S by Reinhard Plank. Their carefully crafted individual shapes perfectly complement the easy unconventional HOUSE by the BEACH looks.

Reinhard Plank X House of the very island’s collaboration SS19Reinhard Plank‘s approach perfectly matches HOUSE OF THE VERY ISLAND’S fusion of classically tailored menswear, unpretentious street style and experimental shapes. Reinhard Plank creates handmade hats and accessories characterized by their clean lines, neutral tones and directional details. The striking designs are crafted from classic materials using traditional production methods, and then skilfully finished with more experimental treatments. For this SS19 HOUSE OF combined two of Reinhard Plank’s unique shapes with favourite materials used in the new collection: handmade organic cotton denim, hand-printed organic cotton twill. Austrian-born Plank graduated from the University of Applied Arts in Vienna, in 2003 launched his eponymous label and two years later he moved to Florence, Tuscany. Insisting on the beauty of uniqueness and value of craftsmanship, Reinhard Plank managed to create designs that surprisingly break with conventions.