The Île Flottante armchair, designed by the industrial designer with the passion for photography Manuela Bucci, which picked up a Red Dot Award for its Design Concept in 2017 has been presented at fuorisalone 2018 in Milan in a limited edition. The brand new “Île Flottante Marest x MissBucci” version, is made with illustrations inspired by the exhibition by the artist Antonyo Marest at Ibispace Design.

 Île Flottante stands for floating island, the very well known French cake, a rigid shell floating on a soft layer. The small Île Flottante is an informal armchair that restyles the ergonomic concept of sitting. Armchairs are usually rigid structures with a soft top, this object is the complete opposite, a hard sitting on a soft heart, giving the feeling of floating.

Île Flottante heart’s containing highly resistant expanded polystyrene pellets and rollofill that gives the feeling of softness. On top of the cushion, it is sewn the rigid curved shell made in plexiglass which can be customized in multiples options: monochrome, printed patterns or fabric immersed within the plexiglass. All the fabrics are “customizable” and can be sewn or tied to the plexiglass sheet, with a simple move it allows to change colour in different combinations.