Torino’s journey in Design and with Design continues. It continues along a clear path, which uses design not only for planning objects, but also to plan services useful to the production chain and to the economic dimension of a territory that continues to distinguish itself for absolute excellence and innovation, and to plan services for and together with its citizens, organizations, associations, Institutes, professional figures, leading actors alongside the City in the construction of the Turin of the future.

Also, this year meetings, workshops, exhibitions, tours, events will be held in October, that will outline the necessary and fundamental contribution of design in our lives daily.

The main event will be the International Forum 2019, open to all citizens on the 10th and 11th of October, with international and national actors invited to take part: UNESCO Paris, the cities of Cape Town, Detroit, Fabriano, Kortrijk, Madrid, Montréal, Saint Ètienne, Seoul, Shanghai, Singapore e Wuhan will illustrate the projects they have presented in answer to the call launched by Torino and share their prospects for the coming years.