From 2 to 4 November 2018 on the occasion of Artissima – the international fair dedicated to contemporary art staged in Turin –, the first digital store about patterns, dress the spaces of the LAGO Art Bistrot, at the first floor of the Oval Lingotto furnished by the innovative Italian design brand LAGO.

An exhibition where the patterns welcome guests in an environment that mixes art, design and creativity with graphics ranging from optical style to vintage-retro patterns, from playful subjects that bring back childhood to geometrical textures turned into 3D video games by augmented reality, passing through abstract research, neo-expressionism, female figures, and everything that refers to the world of botany and zoology.

Essential, as featuring repeated modular elements that follow a fixed or variable scheme, the patterns become a pop tool to tell, through their contemporary and inclusive language, new stories and redesign domestic environments, shared spaces, and everyday objects.Born from the collaboration between Renato Fontana, creator of the platform and creative conference Italianism, the creative director Andrea Cadorin and the digital printing expertise of Printaly, is a new portal dedicated to serial graphics on which you can buy wallpapers, elements decorative and custom design stationery, with over 80 original and exclusive patterns created by 40 young Italian designers.Illustrators, graphic designers, digital artists, infographic designers, paper artists, art directors, designers, urban artists, architects, and cartoonists – the creators of the patterns come from different fields of visual culture, but they all have something in common: being Italian. Whether they live in Italy, New York, Paris or London, they are linked by the fil rouge of Italian creativity, a quality which has always been an expression of our country and part of our common heritage. Under 35 years of age on average, the artists involved work on the patterns and their variations, telling, each with their own style, a world piece, a life experience, a current issue, and crossing past, present and future.«Pop, pronto, polyhedral, personalizable, and with personality: these are the DNA elements of PPPattern – claims Renato Fontana, CEO and art director of the platform – We feel certain that everyone can change their own life and work environment, even if only with small, yet highly distinctive, decorative elements. To do so, there are some brilliant Italian talents who offer their creativity, usually expressed in other fields but here applied to the creation of a pattern. And, since at the base of it all there is also fun and a certain sense of irony, we have chosen the claim “Italian creatives to the wall”».

CCCreativi / CCCrew: Paola Arena, Adriano Attus, Alessandro Nobile per Alkanoids, Marco Serracca per Alkanoids, Dom Barra/Altered Data, Sylvie Bello, Roberto Hikimi Blefari, Michela Buttignol, Lucia Calfapietra, Elisa Caroli LOIS, Giulia Conoscenti, Oscar Odd Diodoro, Chiara Fedele, Gummy Gue, Il Pistrice, Greg Jager, Lucamaleonte, Livia Massaccesi, Mastereaster, MOTOREFISICO, Giulia Nava, Rita Petruccioli, Francesca Pignataro, Massimo Polvara, Gianni Puri, Jacopo Rosati, Resli Tale, Davide Bart Salvemini, Elisa Seitzinger, Gianfranco Setzu, Studio Mistaker+Masi, Morena Tamborrino Illustrazioni, Paola Tassetti, The 6th, Undesign, Giulio Vesprini, Silvia Virgillo, VZNstudio, Giulia Zoavo.