Delfina Delettrez, Fendi heiress, has already stated her clear vision in the field of haute-gioiellerie, result of an aesthetic in close contact with art, with which it mixes in concepts and forms. For spring/summer 2015 Delfina’s gaze is turned toward a future, if apparently distant, in fact closer than one may think. Fascinated by technology and by the movement of the human body the designer has conducted a study of hyper anatomy proposing the Handroid collection, presented at the Almine Rech Gallery during Paris Fashion Week. Precious materials are shown with the movement of the fingers, on robotic arms that follow the kinetics of the human hand. To wrap the metal fingers, thin layers of platinum and gold, which on futuristic collets place diamonds and precious stones. A technological fascination for evolution and innovation that Delfina chooses to combine with the lightness and delicacy of her jewels, by dipping them in a candid and aseptic environment and painting robotic arms with soft pastel colors. When fashion exhibition mingles with artistic performance.